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A space where we treasure the natural world and embrace the extraordinary. We hope you have an amazing shopping experience with us and enjoy the local creations we have to offer. All our artwork, suppliers and materials are locally sourced and we prioritise quality and craftsmanship to ensure we offer the very best. 

The name “Owl in the Moss” is a Swedish term used to describe something obscure or out of the ordinary


100% cotton tea towels, the perfect gift with endless uses.

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This is the most versatile travel cup that I own. It keeps coffee nice and hot for the morning school run, and makes sure GnT's are ice-cold on game drives in the bush. The beautiful design adds to its character - not just another silver travel mug! Highly recommend.

- Laura

I have just been introduced to the Owl in the Moss brand and products and am in love! The different artworks are so unique and eye-catching; each piece I purchased brings me instant joy when I see it. My favourites include the luxurious swimming towels and my travel mug.

- Tamlyn

My tote bag has come in handy so much I actually can't believe it. I use it to travel, for the beach, as a kids bag for days out & for gym. Its so light and strong & easy to clean!

- Nicky

Our picnic blanket is the best thing we've ever bought! Fits our family of four perfectly & keeps us dry & comfortable wherever we go. Best part is its so easy to clean & carry.

- Sam

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