Our story

The Owl in the Moss textile range was established in 2016 out of a passion for quality soft furnishings and a love for fine art. We strive to create products that celebrate the beauty of South Africa's flora and fauna and bring our customers a little closer to the wonders and obscurities of the natural world. Designed and made in South Africa, The Owl in the Moss range uses one of a kind botanical and ornithological illustrations to create a range of locally made, eco-conscious products - for years of enjoyment in your home

The name “Owl in the Moss” is a Swedish term used to describe something obscure or out of the ordinary

Jess Watson is the individual behind the brand with a love for anything natural and artistic. A mom of two who wants to help people of all ages appreciate and enjoy the fascinations of the natural world – even from the comfort of their own homes.

Did you know?

Everything is sourced and made locally. All artwork used for the designs are hand-painted by a local artist, Georgina Taylor (insta: @_jorj_). George uses water colours to create her incredible artworks and uses the natural world to inspire her slightly obscure creations.

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